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About Film & Animation / Student Daniela Alejandra Araya Cortes20/Female/Chile Groups :iconasexual-mlp: Asexual-MLP
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Hi there my wonderfull friend! its me! i think you did an excelent job using two real pets for ocs, the dog looks like a plush toy , an...

Mental Slurring by Ohthehumanityplz

This work looks so funny, and makes me know you watched almost all of the simpsons episodes, so you know how does feel bart with all th...

Hey! thats a wonderful job, no need to critique to show how a great artist you are!, only the hands are a bit odd, but hey! come on we ...

Roxane by MathieuBerenguer

Well, im not expert in critique , so i just say whats going on my mind ... Vision: i dont ever know what does it means ^^; but ill tell y...

Tagged bt :iconPrince-Cheezburger:

1. If you had to make your own Ten Commandments, how would it go?
im making things up (again) 
1- Be nice and or polite to everyone
2- Always see every side of every story
3-Empathy is important
4-Tell people how they could improve things
5-be proud of your accomplishments
6- always see the bright side of life
7- respect every form of life, whether they are on your necessary diet or not (???) 
8-Dont judge too quickly
9-be Tolerant and or respectful
10- good feels good

2. Favorite bands/artists?
they vary time to time, but i never get tired of listening to Caro emerald

3. If you could choose to own one historical nation or empire, which would you own, why would you own it, and how would you use it?

Why own a empire? such responsibility could carry a lot of stress.  if i had to manage one seriously i cant, but i think i would like to work  in ancient greece, specifically athens, because culture and stuff? 
4. Most interesting fact you know off the top of your head? No Googling or using outside resources.
Whiptail Lizards. LizardGBT ! also , tardigrades are freakin badass. 
5. What is your MBTI type? If you don't know, you can find a test online to find out.
Either INFP or ISFP. 
6. What thing could someone say that would hurt you the most?
that im a dissapointment. 
7. What/who are you inspired by?
so many things, comments, art, discussions...
8. If you had to kill someone or something, which method would you use and why? And no, you can't say that you wouldn't kill. That's copping out.
holy moly!  retcon things out of existence? like ... they were never there, time travel? You are an evil mastermind, -cheezie. 
9.  What's the weather like outside?
it varies.
10. The ultimate battle: tea or coffee?
  • Mood: Artistic


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Daniela Alejandra Araya Cortes
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
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Gracias  Daniela por comentar y por los favoritos :D !
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